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We are always available for one of the most important locksmith services. We open all types of doors, storage doors, fire doors, armoured doors, security doors, armoured doors, armoured doors, etc. We open doors in Estepona, San Pedro Alcántara, Marbella and surrounding areas using all possible methods so that an opening does not involve breaking your door. Openings due to loss of keys, judicial openings, openings due to theft of keys or openings due to blocked or broken locks in all cases our first premise, only break the lock which we will then replace, and if this is a simple opening show our customers that your lock is very easy to manipulate to notify our customers the level of protection of each door.

It is also possible to open doors without breaking their lock, which in most cases is because we have left the keys inside, and this is quickly solved. Another case would be if we had to work with lock picks or printing as we have to have the specific tools of each brand to manipulate the lock we are going to open and time to do the job.

The types of openings on our price list are:

Simple opening (opening by keys inside)
Opening with breakage (opening due to lack of key, loss or theft)
Opening with security lock breakage (opening due to lack of security key)
Compound break opening (opening of security lock protected by escutcheon)
Opening with crown (opening with broken or blocked lock)
Opening of armoured doors (Opening of doors with Borjas or very secure locks)


UCES is the only federation of professional associations of security locksmiths at national level. It was set up in 2009 under the initiative of the main associations in the sector: Asmace, Cerracor, Grupo Cerrajero and Grupo Vicuña.

UCES was created with the commitment to contribute to increasing public awareness in terms of security and with the ultimate desire to move towards the regulation of the locksmith security sector throughout the State, something that is essential to ensure the exercise of the profession with guaranteed quality and safety for society. Locksmiths who work for a company approved by UCES have the guarantee that they are registered with the Ministry of the Interior and that they have no criminal record. They have civil liability insurance to avoid inconveniences. Our technicians are constantly attending courses that guarantee their professionalism. The client can check their identity by means of their ID card and badge. You can also check their accreditation on this website 658 06 81 06Nuestra Sra. de Gracia Nº 28 · CP: 29602 · Marbella · España

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We can highlight our express locksmith services of:

Door openings in Estepona and lock changes in Estepona.

Opening of doors in San Pedro Alcántara and change of locks in San Pedro Alcántara.

Door opening in Nueva Andalucia and lock change in Nueva Andalucia.

Approved and certified locksmiths

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