Door security against unwanted guests

In order to protect your door against burglary and thus your home and your family, you should invest in the security of your doors. Your security will be significantly improved by installing additional door locks such as a deadbolt, or with the basics.[image_layers]Basic equipment plus additional door locking system

The basic equipment of every main door consists of door locks such as proven security strikers with wall anchors, fixed mortise locks, security armour plates with break-in protection as well as door cylinders with security card.

Basic mechanical protection is provided by the expert installation of an additional door lock, such as a crossbar lock or, alternatively, an additional door lock and hinge-side locks. The requirement is to achieve sufficient stability in the door structure.

Security across the entire width of the door – cross bars

ABUS cross bars occupy a prominent position in the wide range of mechanical security devices for securing doors. The door to be secured is protected over its entire length, on the lock side and on the hinge side. In this way, a cross bar provides the ideal resistance to any attempt at burglary.

Not only for the front door

The range of cross bars is complemented by the variants with locking bracket (PR1900) and special versions for cellar doors and also for doors that open outwards (PR1400). All cross bars are subjected to the most stringent tests. Some of these door locks are VdS-approved.

Secure your door before a burglar makes it the weak point in your home.

ABUS Door Chains – The protection for those present

ABUS door chains are perfect for preventing strangers or unwanted visitors from gaining access to your home or premises. Door chains give you the opportunity to open the door a little before someone enters directly.

ABUS offers a wide range of door chains, also with interesting and elegant visual solutions for every need.

ABUS Strikes for main doors

The striker is part of the basic security for front doors of houses and flats. Because your front door not only offers daily access to you, but some intruders also appreciate this access. The ABUS security lock protects the door and your home by preventing leverage in the area of the lock.

Strikers for residential doors

The locks can be universally installed on both right- and left-closing doors and are available in various designs and colours.ABUS TSS550: security at the highest level

With the TSS550 espagnolette door lock, ABUS is setting new standards in door security and offers the perfect solution for very tall doors or doors in old buildings.

It is precisely these doors in old buildings that represent a major security risk, not least because additional door locks can be very difficult or impossible to fit due to trims, boxes or decorations. The espagnolette door lock TSS550 is particularly suitable for older doors and particularly high doors. With only one handle it is possible to lock the door over the entire height of the door.

Safety with only one handle

The locking is carried out simultaneously at the top and bottom, so that with only one lock you can protect the entire opening part of your door. The standard version of the TSS550 espagnolette door lock is suitable for locking doors with a height of up to 2.75 m and a thickness of between 33 and 104 mm. The espagnolette door lock, made in Germany, together with a VdS class A cylinder, has also been approved by the test institute of the German Association of Insurance Companies (VdS).

This article is available in white or silver. It can be easily retrofitted to DIN doors with left and right-hand locking.

Increased security thanks to additional ABUS door locks

Burglars are becoming more and more sophisticated. Theft by deception is a growing danger, and the elderly are often the target of these unwanted visitors, who are often left unprotected. That is why we present you with an additional door lock that provides additional security for your home as well as for the entrance to your home.

ABUS additional locks: variety of shapes and colours

ABUS offers a wide range of models with door locks in attractive and elegant designs to suit every need, such as the 7000 series of additional door locks. There is also the option of an additional door lock equipped with a locking bracket so that only one door slot is opened. Really secure.

ABUS mortise lock: one small part, one big result

The mortise lock is operated by the door cylinder; you can’t see it, but it has the function of a key. Therefore, just as you cannot start a motor without a starter, no door can be closed without a mortise lock.

ABUS mortise locks in accordance with DIN 18251

ABUS offers a wide range of mortise locks in accordance with DIN 18251 with solutions for different requirements, e.g. for fire doors or doors with narrow profiles. The highlight is the TKZ 40, a mortise lock with panic function that locks itself. This makes it possible to open the door from the inside when it is locked, even if the key is not at hand.The ABUS door cylinder – A small masterpiece

The door cylinder is the centrepiece of any door and is the most important part of any burglar protection system. Despite its great importance, many locking cylinders are still produced with outdated technology: without tamper protection, without emergency or danger function, etc.

Today’s door cylinders are modern and are considered to be high-value products with the latest technology, bearing the current quality marks. Each one of them is a small-scale masterpiece that is supposed to provide reliable locking for many years with a precision interplay between body, pins, balls and springs.

ABUS locking cylinders – security proven more than a million times over

ABUS door cylinders have countless accreditations and are manufactured in accordance with DIN 18252 and EN 1303. The wide range extends from the basic cylinder of the C series to the state-of-the-art Integral locking cylinder. A wide variety of lengths and models are also available in the same locking system as the additional door locks, cross bars and padlocks.ABUS protective shields – Door cylinder protection

For those places where there is no space for a protective armouring or where it would cause a visual impact, there is the option of mounting a burglar protection shield.

The burglar protection shields are mounted on the door cylinder as a frame. The cylinder is embedded and thus protected against a wide variety of burglary methods. Thanks to the additional anti-picking protection, this type of enhancement represents a breakthrough for locks.

ABUS protective escutcheons are available for both metal and wooden doors. They are available in almost all common colours.

The front door – often child’s play for burglars

Any door that is not professionally protected can quickly be spotted by burglars as an easy target: the cylinder protrudes quite far and the armouring can often be easily unscrewed. You don’t have to be a professional to be able to steal effortlessly.

ABUS security armour protects both the mortise lock and the door cylinder against any attempt to dismantle or remove it. Not to mention its DIN, TÜV and VdS quality seals, which certify the highest level of security.ABUS handle – It’s all about the technology

ABUS protective armour is manufactured according to the layered construction principle: the individual steel layers of the VdS-approved protective armour can easily reach a tensile load of 2.5 tons. The protective armour can be universally installed on both right and left closing doors. A user-friendly installation aid is included with every protective armouring.

In addition to the development of basic mechanical protection, the new generation of ABUS protective armour has placed particular emphasis on design. The ABUS range currently comprises more than 200 models, including stainless steel and brass models. All protective armourings are available in a special version for fire doors. In cases where it is not possible to fit a protective armouring, protective shields should be used to protect the door cylinder against attack.

Houses, communities, commercial premises.

We carry out masterkey locks: Houses, commercial premises, communities, etc.The master-keying and equalisation are an element of comfort and security that, with different proposals, provide access to a house, premises or community through a single key.

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